Visionary Vexations Vibrations
(aka VVV)

Dark Ambient Death

VVV - A solo project in minimal form of dark ambient pieces of music and partly improvisational soundscapes.
For those who really need a genre, let it be called "Dark Ambient Death".
Started as a side project by one of the members/priests of The Funeral Orchestra (TFO).

No strict genre rules. VVV create and perform what VVV feel for. But mainly it will be in the veins of dark and ambient soundscapes.

One rule: VVV record and perform everything solo and live.



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Kill-Town Deathfest, September 3!
I will perform completely new and somewhat darker material than before.
As with previous performances, there will be a lot of improvisation, which makes it all somewhat unique because it will be as it will be, so to speak.


There has been little activity in terms of new recordings and performances.
But at the time of writing, there are some creative sessions going on in the dark. They are slightly different from what was recorded in 2022 but we'll see if anything comes out of it.
More news will come as soon as there is something relevant to inform about.


Debut material in the form of physical format will be announced when it's time for it.

Official Performances

VVV live at Dödsmässa October 1, 2022 (Photo by Fredrik "Döden" Olsson)






September 3 (2023): Kill-Town Deathfest, Copenhagen, Denmark October 8 (2022): Slaktmånad, Hultsfred, Sweden
October 1 (2022): Dödsmässa #3, Uddevalla, Sweden

Noise of VVV

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2023 - deeper into darkness & death sessions

To be released...

2022 - first experimental sessions

Some of the first experimental sessions.
May differ somewhat from later soundscapes and current recordings...


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